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Tuesday Tidings May 21, 2024

Dearest Members of Bethlehem,


“See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are.” -1 John 3:1


Long before it was cool to do so I was reading Tolkien’s, “Lord of the Rings,” and to this day the great tale continues to offer insight, inspiration, and wisdom… and sometimes, just when I need it most.


Just the other week, I was re-reading a section of the first book in the trilogy, and I came upon a section of the text in which one of the key characters - Sam Gamgee - distinguishes himself.


Afterwards his companions, while expressing their gratitude are heaping praise upon him, “First he was a conspirator, now he’s a jester.  He’ll end up by becoming a wizard - or a warrior!”  This is often how things go even in our own discourse, we offer praise by noting a person’s potential and promise.  But then Sam Gamgee says the darnedest thing, “‘I hope not,’ said Sam.  ‘I don’t want to be neither!’”


What an astonishing moment, and a glorious demonstration of J.R.R. Tolkien’s faith.  In the context of this brilliant bit of fiction, Tolkien reminds us that it really is just fine to be content with who you are and who you have been called to be.


Make no mistake, these characters are still on an epic, each of them is open to the lessons that it has to teach, but none of them have any illusions about being the hero, each is just eager to play their part.  Each trusts that what they have to offer is sufficient to the moment, and in some ways that’s the very thing that is most heroic.


As children of God, making our way through this - sometimes quite harrowing - journey of faith, we can trust beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have been equipped with everything we need to be of value to the fellowship, to contribute in meaningful ways to the important work that is before us.


Today, it is enough to simply remind you, that you are enough… it’s not that you have reached some designated level of accomplishment, but rather that God has accomplished a mighty work in you, and intends to accomplish even more, through you.   


Question for reflection: What lessons from Scripture, or any other book for that matter, bring you peace?


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dan


Gracious Lord, you have made us your own through the waters of Baptism.  We are the heirs of your glorious inheritance our place in this kingdom and the next have been secured by your amazing grace.  Permit us all to rest securely in your providence.  We pray this in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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