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Tuesday Tidings April 11, 2023

Dearest Members of Bethlehem,

“And as they were frightened and bowed their faces to the ground, the

men said to them, ‘Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is

not here, but has risen!’” -Luke 24:5

What a powerful moment. The Gospel of Luke indicates that there

were two men in “dazzling apparel” that stood by the disciples. These

men were the ones to assure the disciples that Jesus had been

raised, just as he said he would be. I’m not sure how many Easter sermons have focused on these two men in dazzling apparel, but I am convinced these two are worthy of

our consideration.

Seriously, we pass right over these two messengers and hardly think

about them again. But without them, how long would it have taken for

the disciples to figure out what had happened? Who would have

reminded them of Jesus’ words about his death and resurrection?

What kind of account would they have crafted for the other disciples

without the direction of the “two men in dazzling apparel?”

You see, Easter is a glorious welcome reminder of how God might

work in our lives. We are reminded that it helps to have some

companions along the way. And… “two men in dazzling apparel”

remind us, some of those companions may be complete strangers.

So often, Easter turns into that moment when we are told to get out

there and share the Good News, that will come, have no fear… but

before we get busy proclaiming, we might want to take a moment to


Yes, every account of Christ’s resurrection has a moment when the

disciples who will eventually receive the “Great Commission” must

listen to a voice that first calms and then clarifies what it is that is

taking shape in and through the empty tomb. They have to listen first,

then they have something to share.

Bask in the Word for a couple days. Reread those Gospel accounts of

Christ’s resurrection. And then, be open to hearing how it is that God

has been at work in the lives of others.

Who knows when we too might run into a bright person that has

something revelatory to share with us? We will never have all the

answers, so the faithful will need to remain open to the possibility of

being surprised by the next life-changing insight that comes our way.

Question for reflection: Who do you think these two men in dazzling

apparel were?

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dan

Gracious God, we live in the shadow of the cross and the light of the

resurrection. Both shape our commitment to those in need and our

trust in your redemptive activity in the world. By your grace we will

remain faithful, we will persevere, we will know a blessed future;

alleluia! We pray this all in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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