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TIDINGS from BETHLEHEM----Monthly News from In & Around Our Parish-----

                           A word from our Associate Pastor

                          JUNE 2024



Dear friends in Christ, in our ever-connected world, it has become easier than ever to maintain our spiritual practices even when we are physically away from our beloved congregation. Whether due to travel, health reasons, or other commitments, we can still nurture our faith and stay connected with our church family. Here are some meaningful ways to practice faith while away from the congregation.

1. Watch the Congregation’s Livestream on YouTube. One of the simplest and most effective ways to stay connected with our church is by tuning into our congregation's livestream services on YouTube. Each Sunday, 9:30 am worship is broadcast live, allowing you to join in worship, hear the Word of God, and participate in the liturgy from wherever you are. If you can’t watch live, recordings are available so you can worship at a time that suits you. This virtual connection helps you feel the presence of our church community and stay spiritually nourished.

2. Personal Devotions and Bible Study Daily personal devotions and Bible study are foundational practices that keep our faith strong. Set aside time each day to read and reflect on Scripture. Consider using a devotional book or an app that provides daily Bible readings and reflections. Journaling your thoughts and prayers can also deepen your understanding and relationship with God.

3. Prayer Whether at home, work, or on the go, take moments throughout your day to pray. You can pray for your needs, thank God, and intercede for others. If you have a prayer request, don’t hesitate to reach out to our church’s prayer chain via an email or call to the church office or our website.

4. Acts of Service Serving others is a powerful way to live out our faith. Look for opportunities to serve in, whether it’s volunteering at a food bank, helping a neighbor, or supporting local charities. Acts of kindness and service reflect Christ’s love and can be done anywhere.


Pastor Ellen

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