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Tidings From Bethlehem-February

This February, we’ll see many different colors marking different occasions. I think

of Valentine’s Day on February 14th and the red hearts that proliferate in decorations,

cards, and candy. I think of President's Day and am reminded of the red, white, and blue representing our country. Of course, there might be a bit of white in the form of snow.

In the sanctuary at Bethlehem, you’ll find the color green for the time after Epiphany.

It might seem odd to have green, a color representing growth, around us during a cold

winter month when a gloomy gray may seem more appropriate. Yet, even in February,

we are reminded that things grow, including our spiritual life. In fact, the quiet one experiences during the winter months can be a great time to consider our relationship with God. If you find yourself at home on a cold February day, take some time to read a passage from the B

ible and to pray. Our worship resource, Sundays and Seasons explored some great questions about prayer: “God is always inviting us into relationship, especially through prayer. This invitation is always open, even when we have questions and doubts. What happens to us and to the people around us when we take up this invitation? What happens when we extend this invitation to prayer to those around us? By the grace of God and the prayers of the body of Christ, this season reveals to us that God reveals God’s own self over and over again in ways we cannot expect. This is a time when we can reflect on how each of us is an epiphany for others, especially in our lives of prayer.”

I love that in our life together, in our prayers for one another, we can be an epiphany for one another. As we pray, remember that prayer can take many forms. Go for a walk,

contemplating that we are made new each day in Christ. Write down words like healing,

wholeness, deliverance, help, thank you, provide, wise discernment, then place the names of places, people, or situations under these words that you are called to pray for in those areas. Sit in silence or listen to your favorite hymn. I pray that February is a time of spiritual growth for our community of faith.


Pastor Ellen

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