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New Start Ministry Changes

Bethlehem’s furniture ministry is changing. Beginning in March 2024 we are no

longer accepting donations of furniture but are still accepting donations of

household goods like small appliances, lamps, TVs, vacuums, bedding, towels,

kitchenware such as pots and pans, dishes, glasses, silverware, etc.

New Start began in 1999 when a man housed in the Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter

was being placed in an apartment but didn’t have a bed. Since then, volunteers

from Bethlehem have been delivering furniture and household furnishings to

people who need a “New Start”, people who are living in poverty. Working with a

variety of local outreach organizations who help identify those who could use

assistance, we collect gently used household furnishings to give to those

identified in need throughout our community. Due to the lack of volunteers and

the current volunteers aging out, we have made the hard decision to no longer

accept furniture. We will continue to deliver the furniture we have in our storage

units as the volunteers are able. The need is still great.

Thanks to the many donations, funding from Bethlehem and grant funds we have

received from the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA and St. John’s

Lutheran Church of Highland we are able to cover the cost of gasoline and storage

units. Extra funds enable us to purchase small appliances (like microwaves) that

we don’t receive through donations. This is God’s ministry and we are waiting to

see where he is leading us.

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